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Response to challenge number 3

[Title:] Bruise Colors
[Author:] exiledjen
[Rating:] PG-13
[Warnings:] slash
[Series/book:] I Was a Teenage Fairy
[Pairings:] Griffin/Damien
[Notes:] 353 words (it starts off 2nd person, switches to Griffin’s pov, then Damien’s pov, 3rd person then back to Griffin) This was originally written for drabble_me but it fit the thrid challenge, so I decided to post it. ^_^


His hair is as black as the night’s sky. And you loved to touch it at night when you and he were in bed together at night with the sheets twisted about you both, soaked with your sweat. Looking at black anything reminds you of him all of the time. You think of how he acted, how he ruffled his hair, how he stayed up during the night studying on the nights he wasn’t working at the restaurant. You are reminded of him every time you go to Chinatown or the movie theatre, where you shared your first kiss with him.


I never asked to be the way I am. My family was always supportive of me, and they supported me when I came out to them, and I seriously thought that they wouldn’t have. I’m the oldest kid, male; I’m supposed to carry on the family name. My parents loved Griffin, my boyfriend, or rather ex-boyfriend now, whom I was, and still am, madly in love with. We dated for a year; we shared wild nights and romantic dates, when I stared into his crystal blue eyes. We shared everything; I got so attached, and I got so hurt in the end.


Two months ago, in an alleyway two young boys holding hands, hardly in their twenties, were cornered there. Men, who looked so average and plain and not interestin, that you wouldn’t think that they would do that kind of thing, beat up the two boys. Insults were thrown at them left and right.



“You both are going to hell!”

Griffin got stitches and Damien had a bruise-colored chest. That’s what ended their relationship. Griffin was the one who ended it, even though he was still in love with Damien. He couldn’t handle the abuse of society, so he just decided to not be anything. He wouldn’t be straight, he wouldn’t be gay, and he wouldn’t be anything.


I sit in my log cabin and miss him so much. I miss Damien. I’ve made a terrible mistake. We’ll never fit in, will we? We won’t.
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