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More Drabbles

Response to Challenge #1
Not Enough
Fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 152

He's lying there, lying in a pool of blood, dead... but he's not, he can't be dead, not now. Any minute he'll open his eyes and I'll tell him I love him and everything will be okay again. Just like it was before he became evil. Any minute now...
But seconds go by, and they turn into minutes, and the minutes go on and on and finally I know it's hopeless. He's really gone.
"Tamahome... no..." someone whispers- it's me, but it doesn't feel like me. It's someone else whispering, someone else crying, and I am far away in a world where none of this is happening.
Hotohori puts a hand on my shoulder, awkwardly. I jump: I hadn't noticed his approach.
"I'm sorry, Miaka."
"But I loved him." I'm sobbing now; I can barely get the words out. "I loved him!"
"I know. But in a situation like this... maybe love's just not enough."

Response to Challenge #13
This has almost nothing whatsoever to do with the challenge, but my imagination took the words "angels with dirty wings" and ran off with them and I got this. And I'm posting it anyway, because I don't want to waste a drabble.
Title: For You
Fandom: Original (vaguely Wish-inspired)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 215

It is done.
Now that I have time to think of such things, I realize I am cold. I wrap my wings around myself, a reflexive gesture- then flinch and fold them behind me again. They are caked with blood and dirt and the feathers are grimy and matted, but that is not why it hurts to look at them. It's because their light has gone out. All angels' wings shine, but mine do not, because I am no longer an angel. I gave it up of my own accord, but sometimes I regret my decision.
I am less, now; less than an angel, though more than a mortal. More than a devil.
More than a devil? mocks a voice in my head. Have you forgotten who you did this for?
I have not: for Koishi, for my lover. I wonder where he is now... where do devils go when they die? Not to hell, certainly not to heaven. Perhaps he's just... gone.
But I have no time to ponder such questions. I have to get out of here.
As I leave, I glance back at the angel I killed, reassuring myself that she is actually dead and not about to subject me to an eternity of torture for my treachery. But what would that matter? The things I've done will torture me for eternity anyway.
I hope you're happy, Koishi... I did this for you.
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