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Okay, song lyrics it is.

On this page you will find eleven short extracts from songs. These will be your stimuli. The reason that I opted to use translation of Japanese lyrics was to (a) stop people basing their drabbles on the whole song or music video, and (b) to get rid of any rhyme because...

The catch is, you must include at least five successive words from your chosen lyric somewhere in your drabble.


1. Entries must be submitted as a comment TO THIS POST after filling out the following form:
Your LJ username
Story Title
Word count
Lyric set used

2. You may submit as many entries for consideration as you wish. Likewise, you may use the same stimulus more than once.

3. Any fandom or original accepted.

4. Word count must fall between 100 and 250 words.

5. Contest closes on Friday, 20 August, 6pm GMT unless a further extension is needed.

6. First, second and third place will be awarded with banners. There will be a further 3 'special mentions' if the voting was close (as it was last time). Winner will receive either paid time or extra icon space.

7. Any questions, email me at menstrual_miko@hotmail.com. Or you know, comment here. Whatever ^_^;

8. Feel free to post responses to previous challenges during this time.
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