Smiling suppresses the gag reflex (simplycatherine) wrote in drabbles_r_us,
Smiling suppresses the gag reflex

response to challenge #10 Sleeping Beauty

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Fandom: Cath/Sara CSI
Rating: PG-13 one naughty word
Word Count: 139
AN: First timer here so I hope this is right muwahah

Sitting by her bed you wonder if she’s dreaming of you, you hope so.

Your fingers feel numb because you’ve been holding her hand for too many hours to count, but you don’t dare let go. A faint smile appears on your strained face as you reminisce the days and nights you spent together.

Pillow fights and fits of giggles, chocolate sundaes and sunshine induced roller skating, dark secrets shared and tears wiped away. You remember most of all the feel of her soft skin beneath your own.

Gently you push her hair off her face and place a soft kiss on her clammy forehead.

Tears invade your cheeks as you watch her take one last breath. Laying your head on her now still chest, you promise your sleeping beauty that you will get the bastard that shot her.

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