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Response to Challenge #15

Note to miko - Sorry about the title ^^;

Title : Boredom Lead Intrigue
Word Count : 271
Rating : U
Fandom : None

Sighing deeply, Misha flopped onto her double bed wondering what else there was to possibly do. It was ten-thirty; she was alone in the house and had already exhausted every plan to relieve her boredom. Of course this wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t had a fight with Alicia. If they were still friends, Misha would be at her house now rather than in her own bed, smothering herself with a duck-feather-pillow.

She lay there for a while contemplating her very ordinary life, in a very ordinary house with a very ordinary family. By any standard she was ordinary; many even categorized her as a ‘geek’. Not that it was her fault. Living in a tiny village of 120 people really meant that there wasn’t anything interesting to do.

Just as a blanket of sleep started to cloud her ridiculously under used mind, a sound of the front door opening jerked her consciousness back from the world of dreams. Glancing at the clock that read ten-forty-five, Misha wondered who would be back so early. After all, everyone in the village (except the under-aged) was at the local pub.

Gently levering herself out of bed, she made her way out of the bedroom and onto the landing, giving her a clear view down the stairs and at the door. Blinking several times to make sure she wasn’t imagining it, Mischa stood very quietly with a slack jaw.

It was at that very moment that she decided that boredom can often lead to very interesting things. After all, it wasn’t every day that your seventeen-year-old-sister walked in with the nanny’s husband.
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