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Response to Challenge #10 - 15

Challenge: Sleeping Beauty
Fandom: Sin City
Rating: PG
Word count: 100

He rubbed his neck feeling the calloused fingers press against the curve of his spine. His eyelids drooped and he had to shake himself out of it as he stared at her. She looked so peaceful there with her hair resting on her shoulders and her eyelids closed against her cheek. The red sheets were pulled up to the gentle curve underneath her breasts and she lay perfectly still.

Peaceful like some sleeping beauty, but she wasn't sleeping - and he was waiting to regain his strength so he could get back up and kill whoever did this to her.

Challenge: Too Late
Fandom: none
Rating: G
Word count: 132

His legs were stiff and unmovable from the heady run he had taken. Across three streets, jumping two fences, a dog, and shoving a policeman out of the way - he had arrived. He stood at the doorway like some stranded puppy, unable to make his legs work to walk through the door. He had gotten them this far, but some how the physics of his body had suddenly turned against him. Just a few more steps and he could accomplish his task, let everything freefall out and release all his pent up emotion.

But as he heard the church bells chime he realized he was not entering not because he was nervous, but because he knew even when he was running what he knew now - it was already too late.

Challenge: Written in the Stars
Fandom: KOTOR (nonspoilers)
Rating: R
Word count: 200

He ran his hand up her thigh with a predatory look. Slowly his caresses pressed deeper into her skin and she let out a tiny gasp. He smiled at the defiance that still shone in her eyes. Carefully, he made his way to her hips and leaned his weight into her, his eyes going black with the concentration and white-hot heat emanated from his fingers that left finger sized burn marks on her skin. She gritted her teeth and her breathing intensified.

"It's your fault, you know," he stated clearly in a husky voice that he brought close to her ear as he moved his body against her. "I fell into blackness and dark - because I loved you."

She tried to conjure up a biting retort but the pain was building and his hands were everywhere. She had never felt helpless and this constant torment was terrifying her. He slid his hands back down to her thighs and pressed himself against her as he continued to leave little burns all over her skin. "Sometimes, I wish I'd never known this... but sometimes," he let out a moan and rubbed his head into her neck. "Sometimes it feels so good."

Challenge: It Goes Without Saying
Fandom: None
Rating: G
Word count: 130

DING! DING! DING! Sometimes the noise gave him a lulling sensation that would cause his concentration to lapse. And sometimes it would drive him nuts and he would end up kicking the machine out of frustration, but now, right now that noise was pure gold. His score kept going up and he knew if he kept digging in it would just get higher. He would break the barrier and win it all, the high score, the prizes, the girl - he'd be tops. Just a few more moments and all the puzzle pieces would fall into place and he would be sitting on Cloud Nine.

Just... a little... further... "YOU LOSE!" the game shouted at him and the fits of swearing in various languages that left his mouth was epic.

Challenge: Picture Stimulus
Fandom: Own
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 135

"I had a gnome once, feisty creatures they are - did havoc to my back though-" Aden's speech left his lips fluently and he looked up unapologetically as he sipped another bit of wine from his goblet with a small smile.

"You wha-?" Sebastian could not hold back his horror and the rest of them did no better.

Daesha flicked her hand impassively. "Tell us of the time you dressed as a bar wench to gain a mortal's fancy, Aden... that is far more interesting."

Aria had trouble keeping her food down as a sharp laugh threaten to escape her lips. Gailen rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Honestly, nothing you could say could surprise me anymore, Aden..." he raised his gaze and his eyebrow casually, "And that's not an invitation to try either."

Challenge: Bored
Fandom: Own
Rating: PG
Word count: 150

Valin flicked out her arm in a swift movement and pulled back. She tensed the muscles in her shoulders and released them as she spun out again. The delicate dance of in and out - tense and release - contract and retract - was a complicated thing, but she handled with a sense of grace that one rarely saw from her.

Locke had his arms crossed casually across his chest as he watched every definition in her form. He had only asked what she did to alleviate boredom and he not expected something so... stimulating. With Valin he thought she would just shoot him. A roguish grin crossed his face - as he realized he'd let her shoot him if he could see these exercises with less clothing.

One thing was certain, he wasn't bored anymore - and if he had anything to say about it, he’d never be again.

And I'm DONE all caught up!
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