Stephen (snoogansx) wrote in drabbles_r_us,

Response to Challenge #15

  • Title : Bored

  • Word Count : 424

  • Fandom : One Piece

  • Rating : G

  • Someone was asleep in the Crow's Nest. Another somehow hung around the sheep figure head, his legs wrapped around it, hanging upside down. A girl with orange hair sat on the upper deck sunning herself on a chair. A long-nosed boy sat with his legs crossed next to the tangerine girl mixing chemicals, mumbling things to himself. Next to the long-nose sat a reindeer-like child, watching with interest at the mixing of chemicals. Underneath the deck there sat a tall, mysterious woman flipping pages endlessly in an old tome. Lastly, there stood a chef frying up meat in a pan over a stove quietly, making sure the meat would come out perfect for those he loved.

    This went on for an endless amount of time. Or what could have been. They said the Grand Line was a weird place. Compass directions were useless, and there was no such thing as a steady climate out in the ocean blue. And who knew if time operated differently? The straw hat boy had rolled over and laid out on the top of the figure head yawning. The navigator said they would reach the next island in a few days. And so it seemed like these days of boredom would last forever.

    But there was always something that seemed to erase the boredom on the Going Merry. The Galley's door swung open and fell off, making the chef curse loudly.

    "Food's ready!" he yelled to his nakama. Almost instantly there seemed to be an excitement on the small caravel. The straw hat flew from his post through the open door, and landed with a thud against the far wall of the room. the long-nose and swordsman both tried to get through the door at the same time and got stuck. The chef kicked them through, and the rolled to the table. With a few squeaks the reindeer trotted in, taking his raised seat at the table. Lastly the tangerine girl was ushered in by the chef who gave her a special drink, which cause the straw hat to yell angrily for not getting one. And the tall, dark woman would make her entrance from below, and sat at her usual seat. People pushed and shoved and grabbed at the enormous amount of food, until everyone had their fill.

    Everyday seemed to have it's little adventures in the Grand Line, even if it wasn't fighting a God, or saving an entire country from anarchy. And the Mugiwara Kaizoku were ready for anything life threw at them until they reached their dreams.
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