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1) A drabble is defined by
being 100 words exactly. However, here we allow anywhere between 100-1000
words, although there may be special competitions where the exact word
count is part of the specifications.

2) You can drabble any fandom or write an original.

3) You can write as many responses to a challenge as you wish. You can
always return to previous challenges and repsond to them too.










1) Title your post: Response to Challenge #x (x being what the
appropriate number is, of course).

2) Give your drabble a rating, a word count and a title. Also state what
fandom it is.

3) Put your drabble BEHIND A CUT!










(replace all [] with < and >)

[lj-cut text="TITLE OF DRABBLE HERE"]

*insert drabble*











Every so often there will be a special
competition announced. The winner(s) of the vote for best drabble will
win a paid account/more icon space.

Example: The Easter Special











Any questions, contact menstrualmiko.